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Promotion Artist Exhibition:

Hanhong Park: The Rain


November 12-28, 2015

Opening Reception: Thursday, November 12, 6-8PM



This exhibition will run from November 12 – 28, 2015 with an Opening Reception on Gallery d’Arte, 547 West 27th Street, Suite 518, NY City is proud to present Promotion Artist Exhibition Hanhong Park: The RainThursday November 12th from 6-8pm.



Landscapes of rainy days exist variously from city, country, mountain or valley, to playground where children hanging out. However, artist Han-Hong Park chose images of city mainly, especially roads to his artworks. Maybe he wanted to express psychology of modern men who live in city intensively. And this is why he decided to make his work of art by portraying rainy streets. People and vehicles are heading to each destination busily in cloudy city. Mind state of city dwellers is quite freezing and somber such as dominant beings like cold raindrop or gray color. And the artist tried to express changeable mind of New Yorkers exquisitely not only drew landscapes that are seen ambiguous and rather cracked by falling raindrop to car window, but also portrayed rainy streets obviously and neatly without images of car window. Also the artist revealed his feeling of city life rather practically to people who are supposed to consider his artworks unfamiliarly by describing time square, east river next to Brooklyn, yellow cap, which are friendly to us.


It’s able to find people, cars, and neon signs that emit their own colors obviously in gray rainy streets. It seems that they could be assimilated with raindrop and be faint, however, they are rather confident and remarkable due to the fact that they show their existence with distinct and raw colors near to three primary color. Citizens who denied to be deprived of their own personalities and vitalities by melancholy, decided to take bright, splendid clothes and raise sense of existence like last hope that finally remained in Pandora box occupied by pessimistic, gloomy symbols of every kind. Actually, gray streets which are influenced by clear, bright hope seem to be changed white like romantic and tranquil color with sunshine that sticks its head out from dark cloud. People quickly move their feet with fancy colors and expect a better future in rainy streets that involve gray and white colors simultaneously.

Copy of 20151111_182333
Copy of 20151111_182359
Copy of 20151111_182634
2012 Rain-light 40x30 inches oil on canvas
2013Rain-NY 38.3x51.3 inches oil on canvas
2012 Rain-NY 51x38 inches oil on canvas
2012 Rain-light 24x16 inches oil on cancas
2008 Rain-Red Truck 40x30 inches Oil on canvas
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