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In Hee Soo Kim’s new series of work Raw & Wild, Kim expresses a wide variety of feelings from Kim’s daily life in New York.

In his layered figurative paintings we can see that he is trying to explain many stories such like himself, neighbors, friends, his work place, and his life in the community which he had chance to meet many people from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

Kim is enjoys the act of rendering people and animals in layers of paint with a strong emphasis on the yellowish color of the sand and soil of Kim’s native seaside, Haenam, South Korea. His technique of line is also quite raw and wild.

Kim earned his BFA at the Chung Ang University and came to New York 15 years ago. He had many solo and Group Exhibitions at the prestigious venues such as Hangaram Art museum Korea, The Roger Smith Lab Gallery NY, Tenri Gallery NY, POSCO Art Museum Korea, Hutchins Gallery Long Island University, Gallery Korea NY and Sylvia Wald and Po Kim Gallery NY.

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