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1976-80 Visited Greece on a regular basis

1976-79 BSc. In Zoology at Bristol University


Nicholas Moore was born in London in 1958. He was brought up in Soho in the 1960s, with both parents working in the fashion industry. Whilst studying zoology at Bristol University, he realized it was painting that was his real passion. After his degree, whilst studying printmaking, he made his second trip to Greece in 1982. Whilst in Crete he met the British artist John Craxton, who became his mentor. He then remained in Crete for the following 8 years. It was during this period that he started showing in London. His first solo show was with Christopher Hull in 1986. He returned to the U.K. in 1990. He embarked on further printmaking studies whilst maintaining contact with Greece, returning there in late 2001. For the next ten years he would be based on the island of Syros. Since 2011, he divides his time between New York City, London and Greece. He had his first solo show in New York at the Tenri Cultural institute in November 2013.


2013 "My Haven" Tenri cultural Institute, New York City, curated by Dr Thalia Vrachopoulos

2012 "Wall of Friends" The Church of Agia Eirini Xania

2011 "No More Heroes" Martinos Gallery, Athens, Greece

2009 "Tale of Three Islands" Retrospective Xania Municipal Art Gallery,              Crete, Greece

          "Tale of Three Islands" Retrospective Ermoupolis Municipal                      Gallery, Syros, Greece

2008 "I Should Get Out, Moore" Martinos Gallery, Athens, Greece

2007 Ermoupolis Municipal Gallery, Syros, Greece

2005 "Go Cultivate The Garden" Martinos Gallery, Athens, Greece

2003 Ermoupolis Municipal Gallery, Syros, Greece

1999 Gallery K, London, England

1996 Gallery K, London, England

1995 CSK Gallery, Eton, England

1994 Gallery K, London, England

1989 Firka, Xania, Crete, Greece

1988 Christopher Hull, London, England

1987 British Council Galleries, Athens, Greece

1986 Christopher Hull, London, Greece


2016 “TransContinental Nexus” Gallery Donopoulos, Thessaloniki,                     Greece Curated by Dr Thalia Vrachopoulos,

         “Pinned, Stiched and Glitzed” AAW Gallery, Beijing, China Curated             by Dr Thalia Vrachopoulos

         “Exquisite Porch” Synovus & Everett Galleries, Morean Arts Center,           St.Petersburg, Florida, Curated by D. Dominick Lombardi

2015“Pinned, Stiched and Glitzed” Anya and Andrew Shiva Gallery NYC,           Curated by Dr Thalia Vrachopoulos

         “Dramas On Earth” ChonBuk National University Gallery(CBNU Art           Center), Jeon Ju, South Korea

         “Welcome, European Hospitality And It’s Borders” Contemporary              Art  Museum- Olivepress, Chania, Crete.

2014"Recontextualizing The Found" Anya and Andrew Shiva Gallery                 NYC, Curated by Bill Pangburn and Dr Thalia Vrachopoulos"

         The Buffet" Martinos Gallery, Athens, Greece, "The Rule Of Law                And The Right To Be Human", Nikos Kessanlis Exhibition Venue,               School Of Art, Athens, Greece

2012 "The Open Mind Of Lefcadio Hearn", the Nippon Club NYC

2010 “Art and Technology, Man and Machinery”, The Olive Oil Factory,               Dromonero Xania                                                          

         “The Open Mind Of Lefcadio Hearn", Lefcadio Hearn Memorial                   Museum, Matsue, Japan    

2009 The Open Mind of Lefcadio Hearn" ACG Art Center, Athens, Greece

2007 "20l2 International Art Fair" with Gallery K, London

2006 "The Angel", Gallery K, London, England

2004 Three Person Show with Mixalis Makroulakis and Maria Rota,                   Poseidonias, Syros, Greece

2000 Jonathan Poole Art 2000, London, England

          Cynthia Corbett Gallery,London, England

          Gallery K, London, England

1997-99”Kiss 5 – 7″ in association with Robin Dutt,Gallery K, London,               England

1996“Kiss 4″ in association with Robin Dutt, Gallery K, London, England

           Untitled Colours” Washington Hotel, London, England

 1995Gallery K at Art 95, London, England

         “Kiss 3″ in association with Robin Dutt, Gallery K, London, England

         Jonathan Poole, Compton Cassey Galleries, Gloucestershire,                     England

          CSK Gallery Eton, England

         “British Artists in Greece”, Athens

1999“Kiss 2″ in association with Robin Dutt, Gallery K, London,                         England

          Jonathan Poole at the Riverside Studios, London, England

1993 Bohun Gallery, Henley, England

          Royal Academy, Summer Exhibition, London, England

          Gallery K, London, England

1992 Artist’s Choice (chosen by Tom Phillips), Flowers East, London,                 England

          The Gallery at John Jones, London, England

1990 Jill Yakas Gallery, Athens, Greece

1989 Christopher Hull, London, England

          Bohun Gallery, Henley on Thames, England

1987 Three Person Show with John Craxton, Dorothy Andrews, Vasso              Milenoyannis, Xania, Crete, Greece

1984 Christopher Hull, London, England

1982 Mario Flecha, London, England

1981 Royal Academy, Summer Exhibition, London England

        "Not The Royal Wedding" Workshop Gallery, London, England

Artist Statement

My work fluxes and mutates but at the heart of it is the human figure and how the world of myth  shapes us and how we then shape the objects around us. We imbue these things with power. Wether they are votive offerings to our Gods  or touch stones of memory filled with nostalgia. Ultimately in time it is our things that represent us to future generations not us.

For the last 6 years or so I have been undertaking an ongoing series known as " The Wall Of Friends" these are a series of portraits of friends, lovers and people I admire, who I have met along the way. They are always shown holding an object that means something to them, that they feel represents them.

I always include some of these works in my solo shows and they find their way into group shows often remixed to fit the current theme. I send the sitters a questionnaire, and their answers are reflected in the works, 

These works were initially influenced by the woodcut portraits of Japan they are my own “Floating World. “ Starting with a black and white linocut I make variations using a variety of media from paint, beads, ink, paper, toys and many other materials. 

The overall concept is that at my death, someone, somewhere will put on a show with them all gathered together.


2010 "DFX" Group show Ermoupolis Syros, Greece

2009 2nd Annual show of the Municipal Collection of the Town Hall                   Ermoupolis, Syros, Greece


The Last Lighthouse Keeper 600 dpi
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